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 Dosing pump 7,5W , 70x4 ml/m


Aqua Nova Dosing pumps are used for administering fluids (fertilizers, salt) in the specified amounts to your aquariums.
The dosing pumps have an accuracy of 1 ml and a specific times schedule can be implemented so you dont forget to maintain your aquarium. This professional pump
Dosing frees the user from having to remember about fertilization aquarium and provides an even steady measurement.
The Aqua Nova dosing pumps come with the possibility of setting up to 24 dosages for each pump and a large range of intervals (breaks in the administration)
From 0 to 30 days. This allows you to determine very precisely the dosage of fertilizers both in freshwater
and sea aquarium. Very low power consumption through the use of energy-efficient pumps.
Service in Poland, the device covered by a 2 year warranty protection and professional service post-warranty service.
Contains 9-language instruction manual.

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