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In the winter of 2007/08 Aqua Nova invested into the EU market and started to sell from Poland warehouse into Europe.

With the Polish economy being in the middle of Europe and access to all part of the continent, EuroNova Polska Sp.Zoo opened in early 2008 and is the owner of Aqua Nova & Pet Nova & Reptile Nova Globally.

We now have a investment property in central northern Poland with about 15000meters square (1.5HA), with warehosuing of about 2400meters square, over 1500SKU in our current range.

We sell in all 16 states in Poland and export to 27 european countries including, United Kindom, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukranie, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Romaina, Greece, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria.

Aqua/Pet Nova goal is to provide affordable aquarium/pond/pet quality, so we strive to have the highest quality at the right prices to suit all Aquarium hobbiest and Pet lovers.

We are constanly looking for new customers and also agent for countries and region. All trade enquires anywhere in Europe or the world are welcome.

Agent enquies please email Tomasz Fiszer (Director/Owner) at tf@aqua-nova.pl

To all Aqua Nova & Pet Nova supporters, thank you for your support and we wish you all the best in growing your business and continuing to provide support to the aquarium/pet industry.

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