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   Adjustable nylon harness with NEOPRENE COMFORT neoprene undercoat S size - 1.5cm (37-50cm), gray-reflective.

PET NOVA harness are bound to offer you a comfortable walk.
To improve the comfort of use, the harness was neoprene-lined.
Why do we use the Neoprene Comfort system?
Neoprene, or neoprene foam, is the material used e.g.
in the production of diving suits, a material that protects the diver from heat loss.
Braces lined with this material adhere directly to the dogs fur, making it
comfort for your Pet. Neoprene in contact with the skin gives the impression of a warm material, 
additionally it prevents scratches and chafes. The construction of harness ensures an even distribution of weight,
in a simple way we can adjust the harness, and then fasten it also fast, thanks to the latch. 
Four metal hooks ensure adequate strength fixing.
Depending on the size of the dog, we offer 3 sizes of harness.
The width of braces 1.5cm, circumference of the chest 37-50cm
The width of braces 2.0 cm, circumference of the frame 41-58cm
The width of braces 2.5 cm, circumference of the frame 47-68cm