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 Nylon rope leash with neoprene handle 0,8cm x 120cm,lightblue


PET NOVA rope leash offers durability and high quality. To improve the comfort of use, the leash is equipped with a neoprene handle. This handle neutralizes all jerks, which is especially important when learning to walk on a leash and during long walks. Depending on the size of the dog, we offer 3 models of this leash:
Thickness of the leash 0.8cm - size S - dog breed size: Very small to 4kg, Small 4-10kg
Leash thickness 1.0 cm - size L - dog breed size: Small 4-10kg, Large 10-20kg



The thickness of the leash 1.2 cm - size XL - dog breed size: Very large above 20kg