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Novaeuro Aqua Nova




 PET LIFE STYLE SECURE TRANSPORTER, metal door, size .48,5cm yellow.Max 8kg

PET NOVA CAT LIFE STYLE SECURE TRANSPORTERS, are made from the highest quality European plastic. (Premium Quality Plastic). The main advantage of this product is the high quality workmanship which is a guarantee of the safety during every journey. There is a possibility to use a seat belt in your car, for extra security for your cat and the transporter. The transporter has a handle. On the sides and back there are clips which are very easy to open and close and make the transporter easy to assemble and pack away. The sides and back also have plenty of holes for your cat to have the perfect breathing conditions while in transit. The front opening door can be removed or opened from either side, and the SECURE range door, is made from high quality metal.
Made in Europe